Since she first picked up her mother's Architectural Digest at age five, Kathy Monarch has been hooked on interior design. It is her passion. Some may even say her obsession.

Formally trained with a background in Art History, Kathy has turned her obsession into an opportunity to help residential clients execute unique, tasteful design projects both big and small. Her client list contains a "Who's Who" of the entertainment and music industries, along with a wide representation from the fortune 500 crowd. (Not to worry though, Kathy also knows the value of discretion.)

A defining characteristic of Kathy's work is the wide range of eclectic styles which have helped her to capture the tastes and personalities of each individual client. For this she credits the three major influences on her work:

TRAVEL - An avid traveler with an attachment to the past, Kathy has spent time all over the world, studying the unique and classic design elements of many cultures. In particular, time spent in Italy, France, and Morocco has greatly affected her eye for color, her appreciation for authentic materials (including stone and tile), her love of fabric and textures, and her understanding of distinct architectural elements.

ARLENE MONARCH - Far more than merely providing that fateful Architectural Digest so many years ago, Kathy’s mother is truly responsible for imbuing in her daughter a sense of style and of good taste, and an obsession with many facets of interior design.

JOHN SALADINO - One of the world’s most acclaimed interior designers, his work has had a tremendous effect on Kathy’s design sensibilities. Kathy had the chance to meet her idol while on a photo shoot, and the ideas and inspiration she gained from this master of design has had a great influence on all of her work since.